The Perfect Medium Rare Steak Recipe

 Lately, it appears the fee of going out to dinner at our favourite steakhouse is astronomical. Good aspect you could make the proper medium uncommon steak recipe at home! It’s brief sufficient for any night, however on a weekend or while we’ve got company, that is what I make. I usually get rave critiques for this juicy, flawlessly cooked solid iron steak so one can flip your own home into the steakhouse you adore great!

Best Medium Rare Steak Recipe

A fabulous New York strip is great served medium uncommon so its middle is purple and juicy whilst the outdoor is seared to absolute perfection. Never difficult and chewy, usually bursting with flavor, you’ll by no means prepare dinner dinner your medium uncommon steak every other manner once more!

Steak Dinner Ingredients

New York strip steak – This top reduce of pork is the middle of interest!

Cooking oil – I use vegetable oil aleven though you could use any oil that has a excessive smoke point

Butter – Use the unsalted type seeing that you’ll be salting the steak.

Garlic – You’ll want the entire cloves peeled and quartered. A staple for any garlic butter steak.

Salt and black pepper – To season your steak.

Fresh herbs – Rosemary, thyme, and sage have to all be sparkling to feature the great steakhouse taste.

Easy Pan Seared Steak Recipe

Cooking steak in solid iron is straightforward and delicious. Making a medium uncommon steak temp dinner takes half-hour from begin to end. Even in case your steaks have by no means became out proper earlier than, comply with this recipe and you’ll have the form of steak that fetches at least $30 consistent with plate at a eating place proper at home!

How do you Cook Pan Seared Steak Medium Rare?

When gaining knowledge of the great manner to prepare dinner dinner steak and making solid iron skillet steak, you’ll need to pat your steaks dry and season each aspects with salt and pepper. Then, warmness a solid iron skillet with vegetable oil over medium-excessive at the range. Let that coat the pan and while the oil is warm, sear the steaks on every aspect for three to four mins or till it develops a brown crust. Using tongs render the fats and sear the rims approximately 1 to two mins on every aspect, then drop the warmth to medium and upload butter, garlic, and herbs. Spoon the sauce over the steaks till they’re simply below your favored temperature, then allow them to relaxation on a reducing board included loosely with foil for 10 mins earlier than reducing and serving with that more butter sauce.

Expert Tips Perfect Steak Medium Rare Steak Temp Every Time

Don’t placed the steak in till the pan is HOT. When cooking steak at the range, the oil have to be nearly smoking at this point.

Season nicely. It won’t pop out too salty or too peppery. Seasoning each aspects of your steak thoroughly will make certain it receives that brown crust which you love from the steakhouse.

Don’t overcook it. This is so important! Steak desires to pop out of the pan earlier than it receives to medium uncommon temperature. It will hold cooking when you eliminate it. And no, it won’t get bloodless in case you loosely cowl it with foil whilst you allow it relaxation.

Learn a way to pick the proper reduce of meat.

See beneathneath for the steak cooking chart. Cook your steak in line with the instances beneathneath to attain your favored steak cooking temp whether or not its the usual medium steak temp or my private favored of medium uncommon. Steak cooking instances will range relying for your approach of cooking at your favored temperature.

The Perfect Medium Rare Steak Recipe

Learn a way to prepare dinner dinner the PERFECT medium uncommon steak with this smooth recipe tutorial! It may be a mission to prepare dinner dinner your steak simply proper so we made this solid iron skillet steak recipe so one can train you precisely how lengthy to prepare dinner dinner steak for your favored temperature in solid iron.


  • Cast iron pan
  • Meat thermometer


  • 2 lbs New York strip steak
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil (or any oil with a excessive smoke point)
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 1 half tsp black pepper
  • three tbsp unsalted butter
  • 6 cloves garlic (peeled and quartered)
  • 2 sprigs sparkling rosemary
  • 2-three sprigs sparkling thyme
  • 1 sprig sparkling sage


Pat every steak dry with paper towels and liberally season every aspect of the steak with salt and pepper, or to taste.

In a solid iron skillet, warmness ½ to 1tbsp of vegetable oil on medium excessive warmness, making sure it coats the complete pan. Once the oil is warm, switch your steaks to the skillet .Sear the steaks on every aspect for approximately three-four mins every, or till a brown crust has formed. Use tongs to render the white fats alongside the edges of the steak and sear the rims, for approximately 1-2 mins consistent with aspect. Reduce the warmth from medium-excessive to medium and upload withinside the butter, garlic, and herbs. Continuously spoon the butter sauce over the steaks. Continue to baste the steaks till they’re approximately 10 ranges farfar from your favored temperature (they’ll preserve to prepare dinner dinner whilst they relaxation).

Once the steaks have reached their favored temperature, switch them to a reducing board and loosely cowl with aluminum foil. Allow the steak to relaxation 10 mins earlier than reducing. Slice the steak into ½ to at least one inch thick strips to serve. Serve with more butter sauce.


Calories: 1113kcal | Carbohydrates: 4g | Protein: 92g | Fat: 81g | Saturated Fat: 39g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 4g | Monounsaturated Fat: 35g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 322mg | Sodium: 2566mg | Potassium: 1285mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 652IU | Vitamin C: 4mg | Calcium: 67mg | Iron: 8mg

Steak Cooking Chart~Perfect Steak Temperature Chart~
Internal TemperatureCenter ColorInternal Temp
Rare SteakCool red center125°F / 51.6°C
Medium Rare SteakPinkish-red center135°F / 57.2°C
Medium SteakPink center145°F / 63°C
Medium Well SteakBarely pink150°F / 65.5°C
Well SteakBrown color throughout160°F / 71.1°C

Is it higher to prepare dinner dinner steak withinside the oven or pan?

Cooking steak in a pan is the great manner and the quickest too. Plus, you could without difficulty contact the pinnacle of the beef to test the temperature and spot if it’s developing on medium uncommon.

What is the name of the game to cooking a great steak?

There are some secrets and techniques to cooking a great steak, like well seasoning it with salt and coarse floor black pepper. You need to get your medium steak to the proper temperature after which eliminate it from the pan and letting it relaxation earlier than reducing.

How do you prepare dinner dinner the proper steak whenever?

You’ll by no means cross incorrect with some other steak once more in case you comply with this recipe. It walks you via each step so you’ll have a steakhouse-ideal steak whenever you’re making it!

What is the great approach for cooking steak?

This recipe indicates you the great approach for cooking a steak for your range pinnacle. With the butter sauce, it chefs up quick and each chunk may be divine.

How to Cook Steak in a Pan?

When gaining knowledge of a way to prepare dinner dinner steak in a pan, you’ll need to get the pan super-warm first after which sear the steak on each aspects paying near interest to how an awful lot time the steak spends on every aspect whilst remembering to baste it continuously with the butter sauce.

How Long to Cook Steak for Medium Rare?

In the skillet, it’ll be approximately three to four mins on every aspect to get it to medium uncommon temperature. Use a meat thermometer to attain the proper medium uncommon steak temperature of 135°F / 57.2°C.

How to Cook Steak withinside the Oven?

Learning a way to prepare dinner dinner steak withinside the oven is ideal to recognise however it’s far higher to pan sear the steak first then end it withinside the oven for your favored temperature. When cooking steak withinside the oven, need that solid iron skillet at the range first to sear the steak so it seals withinside the juices. You’ll prepare dinner dinner them as defined on this recipe aleven though handiest browning 2 to three mins consistent with aspect earlier than setting that skillet to your oven at 400F. It have to take approximately 10 to fifteen mins withinside the oven after which allow the steaks relaxation.

How lengthy do you prepare dinner dinner a steak withinside the oven at 350?

If you need your steaks medium uncommon, cooking withinside the oven at 350F would require 7 to ten mins consistent with aspect.

How lengthy do you prepare dinner dinner a steak withinside the oven at 400?

After searing, you’ll want to prepare dinner dinner your steak to medium uncommon at 400F withinside the oven for six to eight mins consistent with aspect.

How is sirloin great cooked?

Sirloin is great seared in a heavy-bottomed pan like a solid iron skillet for your range-pinnacle. This manner, you could continuously shower it withinside the butter sauce to hold it tender, juicy, and complete of flavor.

How do you prepare dinner dinner a sirloin steak in a medium frying pan?

Make certain you operate vegetable oil or some other oil with a excessive smoke point. Heat your frying pan warm earlier than including the beef after which with out crowding the pan, upload your steak and prepare dinner dinner same instances on each aspects till you attain your favored temp.

What is going nicely with Steak?

We love all of the steakhouse classics with our steaks. That way a Caesar salad, baked potatoes or candy potatoes, creamed spinach, sauteed mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes, and garlic bread. A lovable potato leek soup or shrimp cocktail might be a pleasing starter in case you’re watching for company.

How to Store Steak?

Steak have to be placed away withinside the refrigerator no extra than 2 hours after serving it.

How Long Does Steak Last?

You have to consume your leftover steak inside three to four days while you hold it withinside the refrigerator.

Can You Freeze Steak?

Yes! If you made extra than you could consume inside some days, wrap it with heavy-responsibility foil and placed it withinside the freezer. It’s great to consume it inside 2 to three months.

How to Reheat Steak?

The great manner is withinside the oven. Preheat it to 250F and placed a cord rack to your sheet pan with the steaks at the rack. Let it prepare dinner dinner for 20 to half-hour, checking till it reaches your degree of doneness. Cooking time will range relying at the thickness so some thing thinner will want a shorter time whilst thicker cuts may be in the direction of half-hour.

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